Gaming PCs
Image of a Gaming Case
We offer a custom range of gaming computers at prices that suit your needs and demands.

Know-How have been building custom computers and servers for home and business for 20 years. If your PC isn't up to it anymore we could upgrade or build a new Gaming machine to spec and cost.

Laptops and Computers

With laptop prices dropping and performance increasing, now could be the time to enjoy a neater more mobile computing experience.

We provide a widge range of laptops and will ensure they are ready to use, no need to worry about any lengthy configuration!

Personal Computers

Do you or your business need a new PC? Not sure what specification to go for? Tell us what you need it to do and we can build a system tailored specifically to your needs.
Image of Acer Laptop
Image of a Server Case
We offer a range of networking solutions from small home networking to business networking for small to medium businesses.


If your business needs a new server there might be more options than you realise. We provide and configure both Windows and Linux servers.

You might be surprised to know that a Linux server can offer the following features at a fraction of the cost of a Windows Server.

Email Server
Web Server
Proxy Server
File Server
Voip Telephone Systems
By using a voip telephone system you can make a huge saving by using your internet line to make your phone calls.

Phone system would be installed on a standard Linux server - if you don't already have one they come at a low cost.

Standard Features

Below is a list of the stardard features that come with having a voip system

Ringing Groups
Conference Calls
On Hold Music
Call Transfer
Follow Me
Image of a SMART tech white board
Interactive White Boards

We install and configure interactive white boards which can transform a teaching envrionment, making lessons more dynamic and engaging.


Currently the short throw projector is very popular. This type of projector sits above the white board, projecting downwards and virtually removes the problem of casting a large shadow when standing in front of the board.


Visualisers are a quick and easy way to share information with a large group, often completely removing the need to print out many sheets of paper. With the ability to zoom and ease of use, visualisers are becoming common place in the modern classroom.

Image of a SMART tech white board
Avast anti virus logo
Ubuntu Windows

For business use we recommend Avast anti-virus, a one-for-all proteciton solution. Just tell us how many computers need protection and we'll sort the licensing and installation.

Operating System

If you're looking for an operating system change we can provide, install and configure the opperating system of your choice.
We Support Windows 7/10, Mac OS and Linux

CRM Database - SuiteCRM

Sell, Market & Service smarter with the world’s number 1 Open Source CRM. SuiteCRM is a feature-rich enterprise-ready alternative to Salesforce provides all the benefits of CRM at substantially lower costs with the freedoms and flexibility of Open Source..

Office Suite

We can set you up with an office suite whether it be Microsoft Office or a free alternitive such as OpenOffice or Libre Office.