The team at KNOW-HOW has been providing hardware, software and support services to the home user for over 21 years and continues to do so. Over the years, many things have changed but our goal of delivering high levels of customer support and personal service remains our top priority.
PC Builds

Since 1996, we have been designing and constructing high-quality PCs to meet individual customer requirements. Whether it is just a basic machine to do Internet browsing and emails or a top-of-the-range gaming PC, we can assist you with your choices and deliver a computer to suit your needs and your budget.
Home PC

We can upgrade your machine to cope with new demands. So, for example, we can increase memory capacity, fit a larger hard drive or install a more powerful graphics card (current system allowing). If you wish to link computers together we can advise and implement a simple network.
Hard Drive

With so many viruses and malignant software on the Internet it is vitally important to keep your PC well-maintained. This means keeping your operating system and anti-virus software updated. It also means that your machine should be scanned frequently to detect and remove any malware present. We can help with these issues if you feel that your system might be at risk.

Software We can supply, install and configure a wide range of programs tailored to make the life of the home user more efficient, including Microsoft Office 365.
Office 365